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Project Consulting

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Get your IT Projects from where you are to where you want to be. Hillet helps hundreds of clients to improve project management methodology. Whether you need help with strategy, needs analysis, or project implementation, our Project Management Consulting Services can help through project management solutions, project management apps or online project management. We handle both short-term and long-term consulting projects, and ensure that implementation is a collaborative process, with final methodology and approach designed to make the project a part of your organization's culture.

At Hillet, Project Management Solution covers issues such as security, scalability, redundancy, information architecture, risk management, application needs and performance ensuring that all criteria are evaluated in the early planning stages of your project. We help organizations govern and measure IT Investment decisions to improve business processes and performance, and get the highest ROI. Our experienced team of Project Management Consultants can help you integrate Agile Methodology and Critical Chain Management systems to manage small, large or geographically distributed projects. Our experience and expertise in project consultancy and execution helps you anticipate and avoid typical problems at each part of your project lifecycle, and work around them


Magento eCommerce Development

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We have successfully deployed several successful magento ecommerce website. Our Talented Team of Magento helps you to deliver a best of ecommerce store with amazing facilities to manage your invoices, orders, and products. With the help of expertise Designer, your ecommerces store would get name as brand. Our Magento ecommerce developer knows how to use the power of magento features to build your ecommerce store. Our Services help you to make your web shop turn to a profitable ecommerce business.

If you are looking for affordable Magento ecommerce development then it is right place at where your requirement will meet us and we will delivered with excellent quality of solution that you are looking for. Our unique understanding of Magento development, design, optimization, and deployment, makes us unique. With about 11 years of successful experience in providing magento ecommerce development services, we have delivered 40+ ecommerce stores running online presently. This plays an important role in gaining a better achievement in ecommerce development market.You can also hire Magento Developer for your individual project at monthly contract basis.


Mobile App Development

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Mobile Site Development

If you are looking to hire an iPhone Apps Developer or Mobile Apps Developer for Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, iPad and J2ME devices, then Hillet is the place for you. Let your imagination run wild, and our experienced team of Mobile App Developers will ensure that it is translated into lucrative reality. We help you develop mobile apps for GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, Game application, Social Networking, Maps, Web service, Ad Servers, Shopping Carts or Payment Gateways. We combine technology expertise, innovative research techniques and an unconventional approach to offer clients the best Mobile Application Development services for:

Benefits :

Raise your operational efficiency, reduce communicational time and cost.

Avail on-line offshore technology support.

Develop custom client-server solutions for various mobile devices.

Enable complex systems integration.

Rest assured with highly qualified engineering personnel.

Choose from a wide range of technologies: Java, Oracle, Microsoft, C, LAMP, REST, Vitria, BEA, WebSphere, SOAP, REST, WSDL/UDDI, SDP, Web Services, SOA, CORBA, UDP, LDAP, etc.

Benefit from our long-term vision, best practices and domain expertise.


Web Development

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Web Development

PHP web development provides powerful, dynamic web applications that can be integrated easily with commercial databases, such as MySQL, and also support multiple operating systems, ensuring simplified deployment

Hillet's PHP programming solutions accommodate server scripting, command line scripting, and desktop application augmentation, thus increasing the scope for creating cross platform operations. Intuitive text processing features and database support make PHP programming a cost effective, economical and indispensible solution that helps you save both time and money, while empowering your business with the power of self sustainable online tools.

Our PHP developers include industry experts and gurus who are hard task masters. They spend time understanding your precise business needs so the end product fits your exact specifications.


Benefits :

Multi platform independence and integration across Linux, Windows, and Unix variants.

Advanced code parsing for dynamic pages.

Fully integrated to work with multiple database management systems.

Cost efficient open source scripting

Supports network sockets and internet protocols, enabling complex data exchange

Services :

Avant-garde PHP web development

Application support across multiple operating systems

Development of PHP enabled content management systems

Application migration and ongoing maintenance

Wide range of website development services, including, but not limited to logistics, B2B, B2C, ecommerce, blogs, and XML tools.


Drupal Web Development

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Drupal Web Development

The Hillet team consists of web architects, senior Drupal developers, and Drupal programmers who have extensive experience building high traffic, multi-language, and SEO friendly websites. By re-using existing modules and components, we can drastically reduce the cost of developing and maintaining a website.

Our Drupal developers have successfully completed numerous Drupal outsourcing projects as well as implemented Drupal for top corporate sites, blogs, forums, wikis, online communities, and internet shops. Our Drupal developers have implemented websites not only using custom Drupal design but also using other popular Content Management Systems (CMS) as well.

Hillet provides complete Drupal solutions including:

Drupal site content strategy

Architecture consultation

Drupal site information architecture

Legacy CMS migration to Drupal

Drupal (CDN) content delivery networks

Drupal mobile websites and apps

Drupal based social media and product support websites

Media and news publishing websites

Healthcare, restaurant, and insurance websites


Wordpress Website

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Wordpress Website Development

WordPress believes in keeping it a simple/easy to use CMS or Content Management System, and a lot of thought goes into including new functionality as a part of the "core" WordPress code, in order to keep WordPress fast and lightweight. Still, users often find the need to graft additional functionality onto WordPress to meet their needs. This section of the Codex offers guidelines and references for anyone wishing to modify, extend, or contribute to WordPress.

Whether you're developing WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, or rolling out a new site based on a customized version of WordPress, it's often helpful to be able to mirror your live site on your local system for development. This is common for commercial sites, where you have a live production server but you also need a development and/or staging server, which is run locally to test plugins, mods, themes, and everything else that you don't want to do on the live production server. However, WordPress serves pages with embedded absolute URLs based on the absolute site URL configured in your database, so none of the links on your development site will work.

More people already have a WordPress powered site as a blog and some have never know they can use it as a CMS too, but they may have heard of it. In reality, WordPress is an awesome tool for managing your different kinds of sites as a CMS. When I tell people about this, they often ask me for some examples of non-blogging sites using WordPress, so i want to show something that really stands out.


Joomla Content Management System

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Joomla Content Management System

We have qualified joomla experts to create any joomla web development. Our extremely talented joomla developers are able to complete any task within given time period. We offer joomla customization on budget. If you looking for best joomla development, Hillet can help you to accomplish your joomla based requirements with our well knowledgeable joomla developers who always update themselves with latest trends and technology which can helps you in your business.

There is always a great deal of Joomla! development activity underway and communicating with other developers in the community is essential. This site is a resource for anyone looking to build or maintain software based on the Joomla platform. There are two main focuses of this site:

Providing information and road maps to all the resources available for developers interesting in extending the Joomla CMS, writing applications for the Joomla Platform or helping to improve the Joomla codebase.

Providing tools that make it easier to monitor the current status of the Joomla code base.

Compare to other open source CMS, joomla is more faster and powerful CMS in world. With joomla open source platform you can make simple as well as complex commercial applications to gain unimaginable benefits. That's why joomla developer is now in demand and joomla in reliable and easy to manage.

If you are looking to hire joomla developers, contact us, we serve you best to create any joomla web development. Our extremely talented joomla developers are able to complete any task within given time period.



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We Accept

CCAvenue® is South Asia’s largest payment gateway solution powering thousands of eMerchants with real time, multi-currency, multiple payment options online payment processing services. The solution is powered by proprietary technology that integrates transaction-processing, advance shopping cart, auction payment collection facility, fraud control, financial reporting and order tracking. CCAvenue is the only complete PG solution in the region that has the unique ability to offer the full spectrum of Internet payment options, including:

All types of Credit Card processing through Multiple Banks and Card Associations

Debit Card processing

ATM cum Debit Card processing

Direct Debit to bank accounts of 30+ Indian Banks, 20+ Chinese Banks and 3 Singapore Banks

Mobile Payment Solutions via PayMate®, SBI Freedom

Cash Card Processing of ITZ Cash®, Done Card, OxiCash and NoQ24x7



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Is an IT career a good idea right now?

Depending upon whom you ask, it's both the best of times and the worst of times to pursue or maintain an IT career. The IT industry and corporate IT departments are undergoing dramatic changes due to the influence of social media and consumer technology, the recession and technological innovations such as cloud computing. The changes taking place in the industry and in corporate IT departments are, consequently, impacting the market for IT jobs, the skills needed to be successful in them, and IT salaries.

Those IT professionals who view their profession as a dead end cite the never-ending cycle of layoffs inside technology companies and corporate IT departments, offshoring, and corporations' use of H-1B visa holders as "cheap" sources of high-tech labor as reasons to pursue new careers or caution young people against IT careers. They're also fed up with the lack of appreciation the business shows to IT, the absence of work life balance that an IT career often demands, and downward pressure on their salaries.

On the other hand, the IT professionals who are optimistic about IT careers say that despite the challenges posed by the economy, globalization, offshoring and technological change, it's an exciting time to be in IT. They believe that the IT jobs and IT careers of today and of the near future will make IT professionals more well-rounded employees and will better prepare them for careers in other business functions: As the structure of corporate IT departments change in response to cloud computing and as more technology gets pushed out to the business (as opposed to residing under the direct control of corporate IT), IT professionals will have more opportunity to rotate through positions in other business units.

Another reason why now is a good time to work in IT: Despite all the layoffs and outsourcing, some IT jobs seem to be getting more stable, and for some employers, the trend seems to moving away from short tenures to long tenures. Big, progressive companies want IT workers who'll be with the organization for the long haul, because their knowledge of the company's IT architecture will be so critical and hard to replace.


Our Company

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We are a technology driven professionally managed Software Technology Park unit. The Government of India under Ministry of Communications and Information Technology granted approval for establishing a 100 percent Export Oriented Unit under STPI Scheme in the name and style of Capital Information Technology Park vide approval letter No: STPI/GH/58/05K/E/01 dated 06-05-2005 and extend all the facilities and privileges admissible under the scheme for establishing a unit at Software Technology Parks of India in the state of Manipur for development and export of the following Item(s)

Website Development, System Software Development, Design and implementation of management information system and decision support system, production management and inventory control, project feasibility studies and project monitoring system, IT Enabled Services.